Artists Inspired Art Projects - Claude Monet

WATER LILY AND BRIDGE  Tape resist and finger painting Ages 3+

The Impressionist style is perfect process art activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers to try to imitate! They use their fingers to paint to create the broken brush painting technique and they mix different colours to create the light and dark shades. Kids LOVE to paint with their fingers. This project is a fun (and messy) that will leave children with beautiful and surprising results.

WATER LILY AND BRIDGE Oil pastel and watercolour painting Ages5+

This art project is a great way for kids to learn easy watercolor techniques and explore oil pastels.  Kids learn how to draw a picture inspired by Monet’s, Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge. They explored light and dark with different shades of colours. Using oil pastel and watercolour in the same painting produces amazing results. 

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