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Bauspiel Colour Street 11 Pieces

Bauspiel Colour Street 11 Pieces

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These gorgeous set of blocks from Bauspiel are ideal for the playroom.

  • Price is for a Quarter set
  • 11 wooden building blocks:
    • 10 blocks each contain two inset "gems" on one side
    • 1 block is of plain timber
  • Timber base tray is *not* included

 Perfect for open ended play, with endless building designs and pictures to create. Each block is 10cm x 5cm x 2cm. 

Please Note: Bauspiel products are all made by hand and the finish can at times be a little "rough and rustic" compared to a similar machine made product. All pieces of dowel are inserted into these blocks by hand and may be present in varying lengths or totally hidden within the block. The dowels may also be a little rough and this can be easily sanded away if desired. In some gems, tiny specks or scratches may also be visible. If you would rather not receive a set that may include tiny imperfections on the gems or dowels which may be of varying lengths or a little rough, please consider purchasing another product instead as these features are not consisted to be a fault with this product.

Age Recommendation: 3 Years +
Dimensions: 54cm x 27cm x 7cm
Country of Design: Germany
Country of Manufacture: Germany