Beleduc Zebra Party Game
Beleduc Zebra Party Game

Beleduc Zebra Party Game

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Beleduc Zebra Party is a two-in-one game! It's a puzzle as well as an interactive game!

To start the game, all puzzle pieces and the spin wheel are placed on the table. Each player chooses a colour for his or her zebra. The player whose turn it is spins the wheel and then takes a puzzle piece that is shown in the image (in the previously selected colour). If the question mark is displayed, any puzzle piece can be taken to complete the zebra.

The rules are simple - the first player to complete the zebra wins the game!


Key Features:

  • Improves children's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Learn about parts of an animal (head, body, legs, tail) and colour recognition
  • Play together with friends for an interactive playtime!
  • Develops social, communication and problem solving skills


  • 20 zebra puzzle pieces
  • 1 spin wheel