Online LIVE Art Classes
Online LIVE Art Classes
Online LIVE Art Classes
Online LIVE Art Classes
Online LIVE Art Classes

Online LIVE Art Classes

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Weekly LIVE interactive fun art class that focuses on drawing, imagination and socialisation. We will explore mixed media, painting, watercolor, oil pastel, and recycled art. We will learn about the Elements of Art and famous artists along the way! 

Class size: 3-12 learners per class. Join with friends and have fun!

Who are the tutors? Our team consists of art teachers, artists and designers.

When are the classes? Ongoing weekly classes available for purchase. 

What materials do I need?
-A4 Visual art journal

-A mix of recommended art supplies (markers, watercolour paint/brushes, crayons, oil pastel, colouring pencils, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue sticks)


January Timetable:

45mins minutes per class.
Single class: $10 per class.
Monday 10-11am
Tuesday 11am-12pm
Thursday 3pm-4pm 
Friday 3pm-4pm

🎨   DRAWING 101 (5-8yrs)
60minutes per class.
Single class: $15 per class.
Monday 2-3pm Art time with Ms Shelley
Tuesday 1pm-2pm Pencil Drawing with Ms Raneen
Thursday 10-11am Art time with Ms Shelley
Friday 10-11am Art time with Ms Shelley

🎨  BIG CREATIVES (8-12yrs)
60minutes per class.
Casual single class: $15 per class.
Tuesday 2pm-3pm Pencil Drawing with Ms Raneen
Sunday 4pm-5pm Art time with Ms Shelley


🎨PROCREATE (8yrs+)
90mins per class.
Casual single class: $25 per class.

Friday 1pm-2.30pm Digital Art with Ms Ari.
Saturday 1pm-2.30pm Digital Art with Ms Nebauer.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to book on other days and times. 

How do I make booking?

  1. Visit the ONLINE LIVE ART CLASS products page.
  2. Select the age group you would like to book. 
  3. Select how many students or classes you wish to purchase.
  4. Click add to chart
  5. In the Special instructions to  sellers, write down the class and student's name. 
  6. Check out and pay.





This is the beginning of Art Ed for our young artists.  These classes are messy and silly.  Artists will learn about colour, shape, vocabulary, drawing & painting. They will develop listening skills and improve fine motor & prewriting skills. This class is a wonderful way to build fine motor skills and further your child's creative confidence.


DRAWING 101 (5-8yrs)

Perfect for the artists who LOVE to draw! This class focuses on observational drawing and creative thinking.  We'll develop an awareness of scale and perspective.  We'll challenge ourselves to see details and incorporate drawing and colouring techniques.



These classes assist young artists in developing observational drawing and painting skills that give them the tools to express their inner worlds. Artists will explore assortment of projects that aside from drawing and painting may include collage, sculpture, object design, mixed media projects and narrative illustrations.


Digital Art (8yrs+)

Artists will learn what Procreate app is and how it works. They will learn different tips and techniques while following a new guided drawing each week. Aristis will be encouraged to get creative with their work and really make it their own.



Sorry. No refund. Credit will be applied to be used for another classes/student or products if you cancel or miss a class. Please notify the tutor prior if there will be any changes. Should a class have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances by the tutor, any student enrolled in that class will be contacted and an alternative class or full class refund will be arranged. 


Please note:

There is a minimum of 3 students to start the class. If you made a booking for a class that does not meet the minimum number requirement, you will be contacted to reschedule to another class of your choice. Let your friends know! Have fun together!

Students will learn:
Art elements (line, shape, form, etc.)
Art principles (rhythm, balance, contrast, etc.) Observational Drawing
Colour theory
Famous Artists
Foreground, middle ground, and background Layering and collage

Skills and techniques students will work on:
Cutting with scissors Gluing

In our art classes, students will get the chance to create a new project that they will be proud of. The class will begin with a guided instruction, but there is always room for students to use their own creative thinking. Students will receive guidance the whole way through each project. The last few minutes of class are spent sharing finished art or art-in-progress. Adults may join as well. We love the interactions between the kids, teacher and parents!

*Some parental assistance required depending on the age and maturity of the student(s).

You can purchase our art kit (Australia delivery only) or purchase yourself:
-Pencil & eraser
-Drawing paper
-Paint brushes in a variety of sizes (round and flat)
-Watercolors (Pan sets or Liquid will be great)
-Oil Pastels or crayons
-Black Fine Tip Sharpie (waterproof marker like Sharpies)
-Markers ( eg. Mont Marte Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers 24pc)
-Liquid Glue / Glue Stick

-Procreate app for Teens art class

-Acrylic Paint (assorted colors)
-Canvas (any size you like to work with - I use 9 x 12 and 11 x 14 mostly)
-Watercolor paper
-Baby wipes (for hands if we need a quick clean up (especially when we use our fingers as a tool for blending chalk)